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Apr2-05, 10:11 AM
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Quote Quote by matt grime
Note that integers do not possess all divisors, and rationals do not even posses roots of positive numbers, and the reals do not have roots of negative numbers, if yo'ure going to start talking abhout operations
I said arithmatic opeations.. the root is not arithmatic, or?
could you please clarify what you meant by "integers do not possess all divisors"

i know that we cant get every number by fractions.. such as PI... but.. we can locate the number pi somewhat arounf 3.1416.. but 1/0 we have no idea where it is on the time line...

and the stuff you said about integers, comples numbers, rational numbers etc... how do you classify 0? is it a rational number?

EDIT: palindrom... The square root of -1, i, is indeed a number, but a complex number... it is a number outside the "natural" number line and hence a very special sort of number. It isnt a quantity, not can be a length of anything so... once again... what sort of number is 0? I would accept and agree with that it is a number but not a rational...