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Apr3-05, 06:02 PM
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Quote Quote by Andre
So where does Afred Wegener(plate tectonics) fit in? and Michael Mann?

Wegener formulated the very obvious about the shapes of the continents fitting into each other. I don't recall a peer reviewed publication about that. Nevertheless acceptance of that idea took a few decades even though the hypothesis did not kill any pet idea of any leading "pope"-geologist.

Then we have "pope" Michael Mann, proposing the Hockeystick, disdaining the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. Accepted by the IPCC with great joy within seconds, then in 1999. This was ultimately causing the enforcement of the Kyoto treaty and doomed the signees in the process. Mannīs work was highly biased and utterly falsified, however it did not make any difference, because this kind of science is politics and whatever politics require, science will produce.
As much as I wish to take up the whole burden of SCIENCE in general, I will not. I specficially asked for ideas in PHYSICS (in case people read TOO fast and miss that). I will not pretend to espouse any knowledge on how things are done in other fields of science.

I have asked that same question towards the quacks for almost 15 years, ever since the early days of the Usenet, and till now. Not even once has there been any example (not even one) given to contradict that rule.