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Apr12-05, 11:21 PM
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Although it's been rotting away in my backyard for over 20 years, (I'd need about $50,000 to fix it up properly), my pet is a one-of-a-kind '72 GTX Roadrunner. 650hp 440. It wouldn't stand a chance against Hypatia's little toy, but I sure put a lot of Porsches and 'Vettes in their place. The valves floated at 6,500 rpm, so I shifted at 6,400. 65mph in 1st, 85 in 2nd, 115 in 3rd, and 4th is a .73:1 overdrive. (And she'd go sideways on the 2-3 shift.)
My absolute dream car, though, is a Hemi Superbird. The Bugatti Veyron impresses the hell out of me too.