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Apr13-05, 01:16 AM
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Funny...I always thought all the old muscle cars shared a lot of the same features...especially Chevy, excluding the El Camino.
Actually, there were different Caminos depending upon what year they were made. Mine is based on a Malibu, but others used a modified Impala, and there were one or two more. There was even one called a Sprint, that was just a tad smaller and manufactured by GMC truck division instead of Chev. I get away with my bumper height because my mechanic wanted a black interior, so he used the dash out of a Sprint. I took the VIN from it instead of the door, so it's registered as a truck. He built the thing for himself and it was off-road only, plus used for pushing vehicles around his shop yard. It took over 2 1/2 hours to get the thing registered to make it street-legal. I'd been bugging him about it for years, and he finally decided to sell it right at the time my Camaro died.

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You must be crazy...
When have you ever heard me claim otherwise?

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What kind of tranny you got on that thing?
She's a weird mix, alright. Custom welded-in motor mounts to fit the Olds motor into the bay; custom bellhousing to mount a Chev Turbo 350 auto (with manual valve-body so I can shift it myself or let it go auto) onto the Olds motor; custom adaptor plate to mount the GMC transfer case to the Chev tranny... And it has no 2WD option. It still has the two levers, for HI/LOW range and 2/4, but there's a differential inside the transfer case. The way I drive it normally sends 70% power to the rear axle and 30% to the front. Shifting it back locks the centre differential into a 50/50 split. And believe it or not, in low range it'll chirp those 33-inchers going into 2nd.