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May9-05, 01:27 PM
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OK, so Evo thought that this might be a "good" idea so that all the closeted Disney freaks can come out and breath. :)

I'll be in Disney World over the Memorial Day week (May 28 to June 5th). In the very unlikely event that there are others here also going to be there that week, wouldn't it be fun to have a Disney World PF gathering? We'll measure the rate of acceleration during the drop at the Tower of Terror (hint: it isn't g!). Or, if you have been seduced by the Disney pin mania, maybe you'd want to trade some of yours for a few of my Passholder exclusive pins?

If you can't make it to Disney World this time around, don't fret. I am already planning on going back over the Labor Day week (Sept. 3 to Sept. 11). It's never too early to plan ahead! Go to their website at

and find yourself some terrific deals (especially for the Labor Day trip since that's the beginning of their slow season).

In the next posting, I'll repost the updated, shortlist of all the things you MUST do at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for those who missed it when I posted it in my journal a while back. If you have added info or hints to add, that would be terrific!

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