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May28-05, 06:30 PM
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Strongest substances in my house

1) Xacto knife-I fell back in my chair. before I fell all the way, I wedged the Xacto knife in my hand under the desk. It bent, but pulled me back up.

2) The Jelly jar lid- Can't Get It open!!!

3)My cat- after multiple times of throwing her, she is still walking

4)My computer mouse-has survived multiple step-ons and falling on the floor

5)My stupid padlock-I'm trying to brak it open, no success

Weakest substances in my house

1) my dog-whines constantly

2)My tooth- broken 2 times

3)My socks-Have more holes than swiss cheese

4)My desk-Has multiple scratches and no longer has a keyboard holder

5)All my CD's and CD roms-self explanitory
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