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May31-05, 03:13 PM
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Quote Quote by sid_galt
If the South had been allowed to secede, we would probably be speaking German/Japanese/Russian by now and serving in Nazi/Soviet gulags.
Because we need Rednecks to kick butt? Let's not forget that the US nearly spoke German to begin with - Not only because of a large population of German immigrants, but also because of a very close vote between English and German as the national language. Japanese (or other Asian languages) are so difficult to learn to read/write that these languages will never become universal.
Quote Quote by Janus
Even if the South had seceded, they still would have ended up on the losing end. They would have still been in the same boat they were before the war. The North would have still had the vast majority of the industry and the South would have still needed the products of that industry. If they continued to get it from the North, the North would still dictate the terms. If they developed their own industry, they would lose the "Gentlemen Farmer" society they were trying to hold on to. If they went to the British for those products, the British would have dictated the terms and they would have ended up as no more than vassals of the British Empire.
Exactly. Terms of trade means that Juan Valdez has to pick a lot of coffee beans in order to buy manufactured, finished (especially high-tech) goods. Though cotton and tobacco are cash crops, it is still raw material, so the South would have become like other third world countries unless they could have industrialized very quickly.

I think the same could be said today of the Red states versus the Blue states. With regard to the future, one wonders about the nation as a whole with manufacturing going off-shore, and an increasing service industry.