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Jun4-05, 03:03 PM
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actually i meant millman and parker IS the short version, compared to spivaks 5 volumes.
Oh, I see. I've not gotten the book yet, so I didn't know how long or short it was.

check out your new prof's bio on the web. hes a big time university professor, teacher, author and administrator, even former univ president. and he has participated in a lot of high level instructional activity, as well as written intelligent books which treat a subject thoughtfully, not ones designed to make the most money possible by talking down to the audience.

so if this diff geom book is like his geometry book, it will have a good pedagogical point of view, as well as significant mathematical underpinnings. You never know what someone's classroom style will be like, but I would welcome the chance to learn the subject from him myself.
I had heard that was a former university president, but I didn't know much else about him. I do know that's really excited about the class; I went to his office to ask a few questions about it and got an impromtu lesson on lie algebra. After your posts I'm looking forward to the class even more. Thanks!