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Mr. Robin Parsons
Aug25-03, 12:41 PM
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Originally posted by BoulderHead
Now that's super stylish !
I think I may have guessed where this thread is going...
Actually I had done this to tell of the researcher who had researched this and found that when a toilet is flushed the swirling water "atomizes" and sends out a very fine mist/spray of bacterally laden moisture.
Apparently this "bacteria laden moisture" arises from the toilet bowl, then settles upon everything, and anything, that is in your bathroom....your toothbrush, face-cloth, towels, etc. etc.

It was to this I had meant to address the issue, and the resultant idea that the best thing to do, with any, and every toilet seat (that you have chance to employ) is to close the lid completely prior to flushing, hence eliminating that debate 'tween males and females about "half down", (bottom half only, Female) "none down" (whole seat in up position, Male) seat arrangement.

So away we go, can we flush out further comments?