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Sep10-03, 11:05 PM
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Originally posted by phoenixthoth
i agree that those seem to be the two possible opinions on john. i agree that his position is respetable from a certain point of view, if i were to muddle your words a little...

now that you've stated that these are the two possible opinions one can have on mr. titor, what is YOUR position?

my position is to remain undecided for now and to continue finding the idea interesting enough to investigate further and NOT a waste of time.

i would only be convinced that he is a time traveler if i were to go for a ride with him in his machine. i have predecided that that is what will constitute proof that he is a time traveler. until then, i will remain interested but undecided.

I haven't made up my mind. I tend to believe the second one more than the first. I don't really think he is lying as much as insane. I highly doubt that he is a time traveller.

I am also not going to discuss him any more because if he is lying, then this is his motivation. To see how many people he can get talking about him. I'm not going to join in. I'm just goin to think about it to myself.

I agree. The only way I would believe him is to be taken inside a time machine with him. Of course, even though his discussions have survived 3 years and are still talked about, I imagine he will be discussed a lot less in another 3 years. (That is, unless the US really does enter a civil war. Then, he might be talked about a great deal more.)