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Sep11-03, 01:03 AM
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the way i see things, though perhaps i watch the news too much, the world is heading towards a major global conflict within the next 50 years almost certainly. and i find this thought very disturbing and troubling. i'm not so sure there will be a civil war II or WWIII but that war will be raging in all corners of the globe by dozens of sides by 2050 if we (or THEY) can't figure out what to do.

someone here once said that it's not hard to predict the immediate future and this is the future i predict; it's not based on magic, it seems to be a logical consequence of the way things are going.

so what can i possibly do about it? should i, like you, consider moving to south america? should i learn survival skills? should i stock up in food and figure out alernate sources of food?

how distressing!