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Jul28-05, 04:30 PM
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1: there is no such thing as thinking.
2: the mind is what it thinks it thinks, like the universe and everything in it.
3: physics has not come up with anything that was not known to sages around the Indus River who studied thoughts, the Supreme Science, over 5000 years ago.
4: there is absolutely no difference between physics' compounds and our sleep-dreams because both are just a collection of thoughts.
5: the exact same thoughts that make up our sleep-dreams make up the mortal-dream called life.
1: what faculty did u use to make this claim ? (if you could eleaborate appart from your 1st post how thinking does not exists)

How some minds are superior to another ones in therms of IQ, ethics etc.

3: what sages are you refering to, can you back this statement up?

4: Thoughts do not arrise in the brain spontaniously. To think one needs certain quantity and some quality of information. Thinking starts during interaction with external objects. There is no learning without thinking. (appart from imitating and memorizing, but not new information is created though this process).

5: Could you ellaborate further how you support this conclusion?

thanx sneez