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Aug3-05, 03:11 PM
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I'm sure if you were to read through my posts, you would see what my concerns are. Perhaps you would care to contribute something enlightening to this thread?
Yes, you are right. I missed the one 4 posts back, but now that I see it
let me try to take up your challenge and add something tiny to the thread.

I'll just start by pointing out that one of your arguments against it is the same
old saw we've heard for over a hundred years, and its internally inconsistent.
I mean the one about the deal being simultaneously detrimental to US
workers (loss of jobs or lower wages) and detrimental to low-wage
foreign workers.

If those worker have better wage alternatives, they'll take them. But if
this is the best wage they can make ($2/hr) then it's of benefit to them.

As for child labor laws, I'm with you- I'm all for extending US hegemony
around the globe and forcing our values onto those people too. I mean
if it's bad for a child to work here, then it's bad everywhere, right?
Who do those people think they are setting their own children to work?

When the US TV manufacturing industry was wiped out by the Japanese
in the 60's and 70's, gloom and doom was predicted. But those workers
found other jobs- some of them perhaps at Intel or IBM. Others may have
started their own businesses. Only a few would have been permanently
dislocated by this industrial shift but we all benefitted from cheaper and
better TVs.