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Aug16-05, 04:50 PM
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i'm doing a debate in class next week on video games

i'm arguing for video games

i need to present the benefits of having video games and positive effects that i has had on society as well as possibly preparing for attacks by the other team.

can you guys help me out?
give me starting points that i can use to defend my argument

anticipate what the other side might say and how to counter it
You may want to start and explore some positive 'gaming'?..this game is the creation of the musician Mike Oldfield, its called Treslunas and it invite's the user to explore, it has very little or no instructions at all, you are meant to discover the game by participation, it is non-violent and you interact via aviatars, mostly animal and insects.

Try this like for more:

you get the game by purchaing the music album of the same name, I recommend this game and its content is superb, try a demo and explore the amazing graphic and musical interactive genius of its creator.

P.S The Rebirth Tunnel is quite awesome: