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Mar18-03, 08:18 AM
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Originally posted by FZ+
Let's try and get a consensus here.
Though we all may nor may not belief that war is the right course of action, that responsibility lies with the administration in charge. Though we may or may not support the actual war, we fully support those soldiers who feel that they are doing their duty for the nation, and wish them luck in whatever endeavor they do. We have the greatest respect for these men, indeed, all men who are so prepared to lay down their lives, and trust in their capabilities. We may not agree that these capabilities should be used, but we may be anti-war, not anti those who simply do their duty.

O...M..G..!! I just cannot believe what you are saying!!! I just cannot believe it.. Ganshauk made some good comments.. Where to begin, let's just say that you are supporting the whole thing you are fighting against. Iraqi people supporting Saddam Hussein, not questioning him since he is the leader and he means the best for his country. You guys are unbelievable, no offence

And Bogdan, why do you think that Romania supports Bush 100%? Could it have anything to do with just being accepted to Nato?