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Aug17-05, 07:30 PM
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I know I'm a little late in posting in this thread, but I just saw it....

I see a contradiction in the liberal position of being against free trade - one that should be obvious: free=freedom and liberals are supposed to be pro-freedom. Outsourcing to foreign countries is a biproduct of free trade and I don't think it should be discouraged: it doesn't hurt us as much as liberals like to think (unemployment is at 5%) and it helps 3rd world countries a lot. The resulting increase in world GDP/reduction in poverty is a good thing on its own, but it also can only help us in the long run.

edit: and while I'm not a big fan of Indian tech support, I truly do believe in the free market: we should let the market take care of it, not legislate it away (Dell has already ceased doing it because of complaints). Capitalism really does work: the markets will reach equilibrium and the global economy will be better for having a natural equilibrium instead of a forced one.
It seems the so called left has become more fiscally conservative than the so called right. I am in agreement with above posts that free trade is too easily abused (like an honor system), and as with so many other issues, regulation does not necessarily mean a loss of freedoms but rather insurance that everyone has freedoms. In other words, fair trade allows goods to be 'freely' exchanged, but in a win-win way for both countries.