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Sep28-03, 09:00 PM
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Analog to Digital PC Signal Interface?


BH! I had no idea that such a cool oscilloscope was free for the downloading. That thing is fantastic! Dual trace no less! And it even saves the data in a form that can be pasted directly into a spreadsheet. This is awesome! You just saved me a couple weeks of work writing a data capture routine!

Tom was right, - check out alternative solutions! Who would have thought that I could get a dual-trace computer-integrated data-point-generating oscilloscope for FREE!!!

I still need a gradient strip though. But now I'm wondering if I can somehow use sound and a microphone or just a magnet and a microphone? That would even save the trouble of building a transducer! I might be able to get a degree without doing any work at all. [:D]

Well, I'll still have to do all the differential analysis of the motion, and that's really what this course is all about. The sensor and data collection is really just a side track.

Thanks! It really pays to ask questions on these forums!