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Another God
Sep20-05, 03:14 AM
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I am not convinced at all. I don't see any paradoxes in a deterministic universe whatsoever. I also tend to actually beleive 'hard' determinism is the only version of reality which makes sense.

As long as our brains are actually intune with the universe, then our brains imply that the universe is actually logic (ie: Our brains function on a logical if then basis. A causes B causes C etc). If the universe is such, then there will always be a reason for something to happen. That reason, is the determining factor.

The reason X happens, is because of factors a through z acting exactly as they did. Wether we understand it, can see it, hear it, imagine it or calculate it is not really relevent. But causal relationships indicate determination.

(I can find several flaws with my own argument above, and am not entirely convinced by it myself. but I know that i still cant find a more rational option, and find that this version actually fits what we experience.)