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Sep23-05, 04:39 PM
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Quote Quote by Ivan Seeking
This is what really gets to me about the last election: Many of those who supported Bush don't care how or if he won. This is why I see the election as a failure of the American people, and not just a failure of the system.

Note that Walter Cronkite also said that we need a new election.
Absolutely true, and I agree. For example, after the election I expressed disdain for the fundamentalists who endorsed candidates from the pulpit and encouraged block voting. Some relations who are devout Christians reassured me they did no such thing. So I asked, "Yes but are you condemning those who did?" No, because in their hearts they were praying he would win no matter how.

We have covered problems with the 2000 and 2004 elections in this forum, and it should be clear by now that we need reforms. If you catch someone cheating, it does not mean you are a sore loser. And like the "nuclear option" these devices will likely be used by your opponents in the future--not smart.