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Sep24-05, 04:28 AM
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I was reminded of a story told by two US engineers and a Chinese engineer. This was on a NOVA, on PBS, I think... The short of it came down to this: The Chinese engineer described US engineers as gullible and naive; "they give everything away", she said [after the translation]. The Americans described the Chinese engineers as closed and basically dishonest. They also described a work atmosphere that stifles the creative design process.
No, perhaps she was dishonest only in technical information case. AS you know Chinese consider US as a rival in technology. Anyway generalization is dangerous. I think you can find honest and dishonest people in every culture, but you know I can't deny that cultures have an important influence on people's personality. For example in some culture there's an extra emphasize on honesty and people in that culture can't tolerate dishonesty and they never forgive people who're not honest with them. So it's not starnge if most of people in that culture try to be honest all the time. (Luckily I'm too tired to continue more now! )