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Sep28-05, 02:27 PM
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not sure exactly where to put this so general discussion sounds good.

Last night i was once again watchin TV flipping throguh channels so i stopped on discovery about half way through this issue.
I dont remeber who this guy was i beleive he used to be sumthing to do with US government and he was about 70 years old or so with whtie hair.
Anyways he was going on and on about how the govrnment was keeping huger secres ts from us at these intervetnions he held claiming that it was time for the truth to come out.
He said there have been vistors to earth from other places in the universe and he also believes that NASA expedition and plan to build a station on the moon is so they can try to control the coming and going of ET's to earth and i qoute "shoot at them if they have to" My intitail reaction was this guy is full of sh*t but i am also comfortable saying with a universe so big there msut he some other form of life?

Of course if i searched google for this i would find thousands of ametuer web sites about ufos and other roswell related material. So i have no valid information on this guy.

Crackpottery? plausible? or is this jsut come scray old guy with skitzo? what do you guys think?
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