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Oct4-05, 12:09 AM
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I was wondering what one argument you would use to justify Socrates staying in prison based on the dialog between Socrates and Crito in "Crito".

I would go at it from this angle: He did the right thing because he was setting an example of good moral behavior for good natured, reasonable people to behold. He always tried to see himself as how other people saw him, and he was trying to make his entire life an example of what he taught. He saw it as good behavior because he held Athens' intentions and opinions in high regard, and felt that Athens was his role model (the intentions and opinions of Athens were). He didn't escape because that would run against the grain of all his teachings about virtue and justice. It would contradict his teachings because he viewed escaping as selfishness, just allowing him to live another day and eat another meal.

what are the problems with my take on this?
Is there a better way to understand his descision to stay?
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