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Lopes Alves
Oct5-05, 07:37 PM
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Cellular Viability

Quote Quote by pattylou
Is the general idea that we are talking about cells in culture (rather than in living organisms)?

Invasive in *that* sense, might be any process that interferes with the central workings of the cell: DNA funcion, RNA function, Protein function. For example, if you wanted to ask if a plate of cells were dividing, you might add some DNA-specific dye. But, the dye will almost certainly interfere with the cell division. I think the dye could be called invasive.

Something like phase contrast microscopy (no dyes, very little heat from the light source, sample kept moist etc) would be non-invasive.

In the case of living organisms, invasive has other meanings. Surgery is often invasive. I take it this is not what we're talking about?

I'm a colegue that is working with soundlover in the same question...

We are talking about cells in culture...

If we could just find one Invasive Method that can evaluates some particular characteristic of the cellular viability that no other NON INVASIVE method would be able to do, we might find the answer to the question...we might find a reason that turns invasive method a useful thing...

The problem is how to define CELLULAR VIABILITY...which parameters define cellular viability??Integrity of the cell membrane??Metabolic rate??Cellular division??

Another problem is how to define Invasive Method's