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Psi 5
Oct12-05, 07:17 PM
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Intelligent design implies an intelligent designer. One possible designer is God. imho (and a lot of other people's opinions as well), the existence of God (and hence whether He intelligently designed creation) is NOT falsifiable by definition, thus you would be wasting your time looking for ways to falsify the intelligent design argument (for this reason it must always be considered an issue of faith and can never be considered a reasonable subject for scientific study).
Let's cut through the crap, no proponent of intelligent design (and they are the best evidence against it) thinks we were designed by aliens, they believe we were designed by God even if they won't say so.

Intelligent design is falsifiable to an intelligent person, that is why most of the smartest people are not religious or republican or proponents of intelligent design, they see the world differently than most people of lesser intelligence. Call that arrogant or anything else but it is also true.

The evidence against intelligent design is overwhelming (some of the points I brought up are ones that no one else has to my knowledge which is why I started this thread, not to rehash tired old arguments). For instance there is essentially no such thing as a biologist who doesn't believe in evolution, why is that? It's because they know more than the average person, they are aware of facts that the average person (you know, the people who don't know the sun is a star or what a molecule is, the people who voted for Bush) isn't.