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Oct24-05, 12:56 AM
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Is it possible to know everything?
The same mind that is 'home to' ('creates' via concept, perception, memory, etc...) that which is being studied, is also formulating new things to study (as it has formulated the previous items for study); new problems to solve, as that is what the mind does; creates 'problems' (the 'material' universe)and 'solves' them (tries to understand it).

The only universe you can 'know' is the one within your mind, and you can never know if there exists any actual 'in itself' thing in front of your nose! I see it working as an ever-spiral; imagining new 'particles' to discover, and then, lo and behold, discovering them; as an ever expanding dream.. Hence the 'consciousness' of the experimenter being integral within the experiment.

So, 'Knowing' anything, in an absolute sense is not even possible, but knowing everything?
One cannot ultimately know everything if one cannot ultimately, absolutely 'know' anything!
All else is vanity...