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Nov20-05, 08:25 PM
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geez, I didn't think speaking out against the Fed would be this diffacult on this website. I haven't got anyone else's opinion about it, I guess I'm the only one that disagrees with the way the fed works then huh?

Money changers haven't changed. Thier description is timeless, thier mentality is focused on making money, they don't care about doing the right thing. The right think to them is the business venture which renders the most profit.

I don't feel that I have to explain why I said what I said in previous posts, just say it then, you think the Fed is doing the right thing. What is your opinion? Attacking me means that you either have looked past the whole idea of this thread, or you agree that a privately run central bank is good.
The reason people are "attacking" you is becuase you just started a rather nonsensical thread making unfounded attacks against an institution you appear to know very little about beyond simple prejudices.

If you feel you don't need to defend your positions, why did you even bother sharing them? If you're satisfied with your simple prejudices against central banks, then why come to a forum (where discussion is inherent), and not just be happy with your own ideas?