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Oct23-03, 08:36 AM
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I will definately! Could you recommend me some books or any literature which would help me archiving that goal? Would be fantastic!

To your questions:
1. What is the weight range? Hundreds of lbs, or just a few?
10kg - 250kg (see above)

2. What is the range of motion required?
1-2m (see above)

3. Should the apparent weight applied to the arm appear constant through the entire range of motion or can it change?
No, need to be changeable while pulling

4. How quickly does the system have to set?
Changing the force needed to pull should be done in seconds and less.

5. How quickly does it need to reset?

6. How precise do the measurements need to be?
about +/- 2kg would be good

7. What level of modulation is required for the weights? (How small do the increments need to be?)
5kg each step.

Thanks for your help once again!