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Oct23-03, 08:51 AM
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Ultimate Question

Ah, this question poses many problems. Such as how consticting is the woolen jumpsuit on the bee? How heavy is the jumpsuit? Because we know so little of the physics of bee flight it is hard to say how this addition may effect it's ability to fly.

Perhaps the weight may slow the bee to the same speed as a moth (I believe that bees normally fly faster than moths as the moths seem to have much higher wind resistance). However it may be so much additional weight that the bee can't fly at all, leaving it totally at the mercy of the ravenous wool-eating moth.

Now, a wise moth would just eat some of the jumpsuit, enough to get a good bite on the bee. However, moths do stupid things like fly into open flames, so I think we can safely rule out the possiblity of the moth doing anything wise.

Then we have the possiblity that the bee can sting through the woolen jumpsuit. If this is the case, the moth would have to rely on how constricted the movements are of the bee in the jumpsuit and its own ability to stay in front of the bee and away from it's stinger.

Perhaps the bee could coat the moth with honey and just stay clear of it long enough for a hungry bear to come and eat it.