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Oct24-03, 07:36 AM
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I can understand that, as a commonly encountered secondary phenomenon of circular currents (requiring at least 4 parallel currents to demonstrate any magnetic effects), magnetism needs the nomenclature that is commonly attributed to it.

But I am troubled because this secondary phenomenon is always treated as the most primary phenomenon wherever there are magnetic effects occurring.

But even where there is not a truly magnetic effect occurring, this false concept gets extrapolated backward thusly. Any DC current carrying wire is claimed, on account of the action of any nearby magnetic compass, to have magnetic lines of, something, circling the wire. But the compass needle is being influenced by strictly lateral forces acting on it, as any DC coil in the same situation would be. But because the compass needle already has names on its ends, from its use for navigation purposes, we declare, without any rational reason that I can see, that there are north - south magnetic lines of, something, circling the wire. Isn't science supposed to be more critical than that?