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Jan20-06, 10:22 AM
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Saying they are a threat to US interests is more accurate (generally) than saying they are a threat to the world as a whole. They are sometimes a threat to their neighbors regardless of US interests.
Pakistan's and India's threat to each other is very real since they have frequent conflicts with each other over border areas. Since Pakistan's government is less secure and since people we regard as extremists are the biggest internal threat to the Pakistani government, Pakistan is the bigger threat. With both having nuclear weapons, a nuclear war would still be an unlikely turn of events.
N Korea is more of a threat to S Korea and Japan than the US. That threat is tempered quite a bit by the fact that it would be very beneficial for N Korea to interact economically with their neighbors - at least if they could find a way to isolate economic interaction from social and cultural interaction. I think being paid to make nuclear concessions is one way they've found to do that. I think possession of nuclear weapons would make them only slightly more likely to invade S Korea and the possibility would still be slim (theoretically, if N Korea is able to nuke Japan, the world might sacrifice S Korea to avoid losing both).
Iran is a threat based on their hostility to the US and the possibility of their interfering in Iraq (that's bad from the US point of view - from a global point of view, it would be hard to say one way or the other). A nuclear capability would make it harder for the US to prevent Iran from interfering. Iran has close cultural ties with Iraqi Shiites. Iran is not very fond of Iraqi Sunnis, since it was the Sunni Baath Party (Hussein's party) that ruled during the Iran-Iraq war. Their potential interference is a real possibility.
First of all, thank you for answering my question in properly!
You know I agree that these countries might be a threat to some of their neighbors, but I think US interference could even make the situation worse. Us Should let them solve their problems by their own or by the help of UN.( I still don't know why US politicians thinks that they have the right to interfere in everything which's going on in the world!)
Right now US isn't going (and probably can't do anything) to do anything about Pakistan and India since they have nukes. and I'm sure 2 countries with nukes aren't crazy enough to start a war against each other and they have to put up with each other anyway.
As for N. Korea, I'm hopeful that N. and S Korea solve the problems between themselves and after that I think there would be no need to worry about N. korea as well.(perhaps I sound very naive or optimist here! But I think UN should work on it)
Right now the only problem is with Iran. As SOS2008 mentioned Iran and US could solve their problems.
You say Iran is a threat based on their hostility to the US and the possibility of their interfering in Iraq, but honestly what's the reason of this hostility ? I'm sure you know the reason better than me, but anyway do you think attacking Iran could make it any better? And What makes Iran to interfere in Iraq? Don't tell me it's only because of cultural similarities. If you ask me it's only because of the threat of US to Iran. Anyway I think there are other reasons for attacking Iran and these are only excuses. Sounds like US want to have all control and power over ME!