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Jan24-06, 11:47 PM
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Quote Quote by Evo
I posted this in a newbie thread and no one has gotten it.
Come on, I know there are members out there that know this stuff.
This is a PF scavenger hunt. You can search PF for the answers if you don't already know them. I'll bet BobG nails this one.
1) What did tribdog do to his girlfriend's carpet that involved a soda bottle?
2) What is the meaning behind Math Is Hard's name?
3) What illegal activity is Evo's cat suspected of?
4) What animal do Danger and Moonbear share an interest in?
5) Who is Franzbear and why does everyone want him to die?
Bonus points - name 10 ways members tried to kill Franzbear.
what's funny/shameful is that I never read the original thread behind number 1! I honestly don't know. I only know from subsequent threads that it involved something inflammatory that caused the plastic to fuse with the carpet.