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Mar18-03, 01:48 PM
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I guess no.

No disrespect, but saying you support the soldiers but not the war is like saying you support the furnace operator but not the extermination of Jews. With such an attitude, you could not but despise the forces of Hussein who surrender offhand, while respecting those who kill our own troops.
So we should have killed all the Germans after the war for supporting Hitler?
Your furnace operator comment is appealing for irrationality. In reality, if any sort of good is to come out of this, some sort of reconcilliation must take place. If we do not forgive and forget, we will never make progress. That is a fact. It's hard to accept, but that is a fact.
We must recognise that the soldiers on both sides of the conflict are simply doing their duty. In the armed forces, duty was the primary thing in your minds. The effect is, soldiers do not kill because they want to, but because they have to. Either that or you write off a generation as murderers.
We have to recognise these men's bravery, no matter which side they are on. If they surrender, they are brave for daring to defy Saddam. If they fight on, they should be respected for their determination. Even if they are our enemies. Tell me, if you were an Iraqi conscript, educated into the belief in protecting your country, what would you do? Their deaths are not meaningless. Neccessary in the horror of war, but they should be recognised. The same may not be applied to those who genuinely have a choice. Any commander remember that the responsibility of the war rests in their hands. The troops on the ground and on either side do not neccessarily have the blame.
I did limit it to those who genuinely feel they are doing their duty. Those doing it for economic purposes need not apply.

O...M..G..!! I just cannot believe what you are saying!!! I just cannot believe it.. Ganshauk made some good comments.. Where to begin, let's just say that you are supporting the whole thing you are fighting against. Iraqi people supporting Saddam Hussein, not questioning him since he is the leader and he means the best for his country. You guys are unbelievable, no offence
I feel regret for the people doing that, but I do not support the thing itself. We respect the individuals caught up in a situation they have no power over, and sympathise with their situation. We do not neccessarily support the "thing", the cause. People are going to die. At least we can feel sorry.

Can you please define those soldiers ?
I guess you mean US and UK soldiers, but why do THOSE deserve support and the other side does not deserve support ?
It doesn't actually matter which side they are on. I mean we respect the individuals on each side, even if we do not support the cause of either side. They may be troops, but each is a person. We need to remember that. We need to remember war is a horrible thing.