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Originally posted by SkinWalker
So, if I believe Mount Everest to be 29,035 feet above sea level, would that be an irrational belief? I've never been to Mount Everest. I've never measured it. Yet, I fully believe that to be the correct measurement to the nearest 5 feet.
This really gets into what we mean when we say believe. There is a slightly greater than zero chance that for some reason our measurement is wrong. Since belief in this case [and in all cases] implies faith, however little, this choice for belief is not based entirely in logic. Logically we can never have certitude so belief is never really justified by reason.

Though I meant this chance of error as extremely small, hence my allusion to the philosophical, funny enough this number has changed quite a bit over the years. Still, I did mean as an extremely remote possibility.
EVEREST FACTS: Check for much more than is listed here...

Mt. Everest 8848 meters or 29,029 ft*
*Note the National Geographic Society has determined the height as being 29,035 feet. However, this "new" height is not yet determined as official to our knowledge. As the norm with Everest, nothing is simple.

My 1976 Guinness book lists the peak at 29028, but this is clearly out of date. Obviously satellites make the difference.

Actually, the original quote by Karl Marx was, "organized religion is the opiate of the people," but I've seen it in this modified form many times.
Actually I knew this; hence the lack of quotes. This variation obviously works better for my evil purposes here.