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Mar3-06, 06:45 AM
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Firstly, is the heat from the exhaust gasses really enough to instantaniouslly boil water? and in that same light, how is the water not pumped through the turbine? in other words, how can they make sure that only steam is used to spin the turbine? do they use gravity in their setup so that the turbine just sits higher?
Well, take a feel of a catalytic converter next time you've been driving for a while. I would venture a guess that there is, but not instantaneously. As far as the liquid/stem goes, what you're thinking is exactly what I would expect them to do. There is most likely a liquid trap somewhere in line to prevent liquid phase ingestion into the turbine.

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secondly, in the article they say that the turbine will be connected directly to the crankshaft. I do not understand how this would be possible, wont the turbine be spinning at a variety of different speeds and be somewhat unpredictable in RPM because of the dramatic lag that the heat transfer and spin up in the turbine would cause? so even if it was geared down, you wouldnt know what ratio to have put inbetween the turbine shaft and the crank. the only solution i could think of (since i have been researching them recently) is to put a type of CVT (continuously variable transmission) between the two so that the gear could be selected depending on what speed the crank was turning at.
Or they plan on somehow regulating steam flow based on crank speed/turbine speed. I am sure that this would be one of the big issues that would be worked out on the test rig.