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Mar5-06, 11:51 AM
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Well i wouldnt say it was rubbish, then again id hardly say it was a brilliant insight either. Its really nothing i havent mulled over myself on a lazy sunday afternoon such as this.
Personally id say hes probably nearer the mark than assuming specified consciousness is some weird freak accident. I highly doubt it is, then again its all speculation at this point since we've not even begun to properly investigate other planets and we really have no idea how rare or how common life is.
Hmm i actually just realised something in writting that last line, everything is alive anyway, every particle every atom, i guess in that respect the whole universe is already alive. Planets, moons, stars, meteores - signs of life right in front of us.
What we're really talking about is when living matter groups together to form task driven entities with specialised awareness, as i said before how rare or how common an occurrence this is only time will tell.