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Mar18-03, 02:23 PM
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Originally posted by Monique
Where are your morals? You are against a war, that means that you do not support the reasons for which it is fought.. and then you say that they should get the best possible equipment and logistical support to do as much and overwhelming damage as they can? Don't let the American/British soldiers be hurt, but whoever is on the other side.. good luck?

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I know where my morals are. First, I did not say that I opposed this war. I do not. I was speaking generally. But even specifically for this war, one could support the objectives of disarmament and regime change, but be opposed to fighting a war to do it.

Perhaps the protester does not think the goals are worth the lives of his countrymen. If the government then decides to fight a war anyway, the protester is perfectly logical in wanting his countrymen to have every advantage in that war. If the basis of the protest is the welfare of the soldier, it is logically consistent that the protestor should want the soldier to be as safe and effective as possible during the war.