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Mar7-06, 10:46 PM
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I concur Lewis. Great post :) Although it was hard for me to logically follow growing up in an imaginary society :P. I think another good example would be something like this, "what if you started out life in 'the modern world' at 21 years old, after growing up in an African tribe?". What would have meaning to you? Our society is a reflection of who we are, yet we are also a reflection of our society. Since our society is not an individual, it's up to the individual to change the society and/or outcome of the individuals future actions. On another note, I wish our society acted as an individual, as in working in unison towards a common positive goal. We have become slaves to ourselves so that we can continue to purchase the latest technological or fashion crave. I think we're going to get sick of it soon. I am.
Sorry for the confusion. When I said imaginary society, I mearly meant create the abstraction of not growing up with any influences. It's only imaginary because it doesn't (to my knowledge) exist in the world.

What you said about growing up in one society is a good example of what I meant. It seems to be plainly clear that our personal wants are a reflection of how we grew up(but not exclusively so), i.e. what our parents were like, what our school was like, how we spent our time outside of school, etc. The one thread that binds these things is our memory and our thoughts. The former conforms the latter; the way we think is a direct consequence of the life we have lived, which is contained for future reference for us in our memories.

So, if you ever want to discover what life is truly about and why it is worth living, it is first essential to understand the way we think, and to rid ourselves of those memories which conform us.