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Nov8-03, 10:35 AM
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Originally posted by Fairfield But there is no need to give this attractive or repulsive force a new name just because it is now in the shape of a doughnut.
I'm not sure which "new name" you're refering to in this sentence. The title of the thread calls the concept of "poles" into question. But do you mean "magnetism" in the above sentence? If it is the latter, then the problem arose because knowledge of the doughnut shape preceeded knowledge of the simpler shape by many centuries. All the "doughnut case" vocabulary was already in place.

In general I gree with what this Gentleman said:

Originally posted by Albrecht
Don't forget that the magnetic lines of force are nothing different than a picture we build for ourselves, to handle a magnetic field in practice. There is no correspondence in theory because magnetism is not a force by itself but only a relativistic side effect of the electric field.

So, if we want to understand a magnetic situation really, we have to look to the electric situation and then take into account the limited velocity c by which field changes are propagated, and the relativistic contraction of a moving chain of electric charges.