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Nov10-03, 09:35 PM
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ok thanks, this is helpful. All of it. I can't really ask for anything specific... cause i don't really want to know the specifics i guess. I just have difficulty understanding really general ideas and concepts.

The straight line gravity thing is interesting. I'll have to think about that somemore, but it makes sense how spacetime changes our perception of it.

Or are you talking about general relativity's model of gravity? It's not possible to visualize a 4D curved space embedded within a 3D space, so you can't visualize all aspects of the gravitational field at once. (You can visualize separate projections of it, though.)
i'd like to know what that's all about. Where that idea came from or whatever. Just a theory?

Something i'm not sure if i understand right... the idea that the further from the center of the earth you are, the less the gravity has effect. I think actually, this is something about forces in general i'm a bit shady on. Why is the effect less? Does gravity still work on a molecular level? or does it just have no effect and thats when the other forces kick in?