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May1-06, 12:54 PM
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From this page.

I find that some american slang words mean the opposit in english.

17, dope = nice cool, in english it is a stupid person.

7, sick= great excellent, in english it is used to describe a pervert.

3, dog= friend, in english it is used to describe a (rough) woman

2, tight= great cool, in english it means either, drunk or a person not easily
parted with his/her money.
Remember the source - a college in California. Those slang terms are not in general use (with those meanings, at least) throughout the whole country, and certainly not outside the age group of the sample. Interestingly, some people seem to question the use of the word "tight" as a synomym for "drunk", but that is a very common usage in New England. "Getting tight" means the same as "tying one on" - drinking with the intention of getting drunk.

If you want to envision the group that might use that slang regularly, think of the young single guys who pile into a cheesy little car fitted out with a $2000 sound system, and cruise around town playing hip-hop music so loud that you can hear the sub-woofers thudding when they are still several blocks away. In a few years, their conversations will be dominated by "huh, what'd you say?"