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May9-06, 02:39 PM
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I really can't decide which one to choose.
I studied college physics and analytical mechanics.-very deeply.
So I'm pretty sure that I can earn some medals in IPhO.
At least it will be very nice experience.
But one thing-I can't participate this year and next year's IPhO-due to some problem.-being Korean citizen live in US(neither PR nor citizen)
The thing is I'm junior in highschool. If I go to IPhO, I have to go college two years late. Of course my major is physics.
One more thing-I'm dying to go to Princeton. But I can't go right now.-came to US in 2005..sat scores are sucks as well as ECs.
If I go to college next year, I'll probably go to McGill(I know that this college is great).
I don't know why I am hesitating. But you know..If I give up the chance for participating IPhO now, I can't participate forever. Also, if the result is good, I'll probably get into my dream college.
One thing that I'm really concerning is-the decision that I won't regret.-that's the real issue. I don't know which way to go.
I know this is a stupid question. But I want to hear other people's opinion.
Thank you.
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