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May10-06, 08:27 AM
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I had a similar problem to yours, I've graduated from highschools for years

I was actually a student of social sciences and humanities, specializing in literature, I studied for 1 year, then passed 2 other exams for economics and natural sciences specializing in..."math" the following year.

Yes, I studied three 'high-schools' at the same time, that should sounds ridiculous and creditably impossible right ? I kept myself running around in all 3 years.
and how funny it is to say that I never graduated from any of them. I never thought of keeping a record from them as a keepsake, I was so blind and greedy when I decided to move to another area to restudy math, philosophy, literature, and above all, what is life, in an *empty* pot.

I realize then that it is not my previous high-schools were bad, I reread all the ciriculla of my previous high schools, thinking about fake rankings, I am really sad.

I do learn something too from my areas I came to, things about bad, good, formal management etc, really thankful to people who gave me help, hope. I am trying to do several things to meet the requirements. I am now a third year student im my current college, I will quit to go to another college next year, Alaska I guess.
The area has a lot of food I really like, you can come to see them at the city's homepage.

That's my late, 4 more years I still a first year student, you now know but I am sure you don't need to understand because it is not related to your pockets, hehe.

I don't see Princeton in most of people's dream, let's go to Alaska, we'll probaly meet one day. :-D