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Undeniable proof of free energy

by carl fischbach
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carl fischbach
Jan1-04, 04:51 PM
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I have an experiment here that proves that free
energy exists.
First you take 2 identical capacitors each consists of 2 plates 1M square,one has a
dielectric 1M square sandwiched between the 2
plates the other capcitor has an air gap between
the 2 plates.Lets say the dielectric constant
of the dielectric is 100,therefore we can agree
that if both capacitors have the same distance
between their plates it takes 1 volt applied
to the dieletric capacitor to store the same
charge as 100 volts for the nondielectric
capacitor.Now we can agree when both capacitors
have equal charge on their plates, the force
acting on the plates forcing them together, should greater for the dielectric capcitor
than the nondielectric capcitor when the plates
are the same distance apart.
The next step you seperate the plates of each
capacitor by 1M. The dielectric capacitor still
has the dielectric between the 2 plates attached to one plate.
Next you apply 1 volt to the dielectric capacitor and 100 volts to the
nondielectric capacitor.We will assume that the
charge on the plates can be neglected at a plate
distance of 1 M with the voltages applied.Next
we will maintain the applied voltages and move
the plates of each capacitor together until they
are seperated by a distance of .5 mm.Since the
nondielectric capacitor now has the same charge
as the dielectric capacitor, the work done by
the plates moving from 1M to .5 mm apart is
greater for the diectric capacitor than the
nondielectric capacitor.
The key here is that the build up of charge on
the capcacitors as the the plates are moved
together requires 1/100 the energy for the 1 volt
dielectric capacitor than 100 volt nondielectric
capacitor,yet the mechanical done by the plates
moving together is greater for the dielectric
capacitor than nondielectric capacitor. The
discharge energy of both capacitors with
stationary plates is exactly 1/2 the charge
energy of both capcitors with moving plates.
Since the energy equations of both capacitors
have to be balanced you now have a situation
for example where the charge energy of the
dielectric capacitor is 1 watt and the dicharge
energy is .5 watts and the charge energy of
the nondielectric capacitor is 100 watts and
the discharge energy is 50 watts,yet the
mechanical energy done by the moving dielectric
plate is greater than the mechanical energy
done by the moving nondielectric plate.The
energy equations don't add up.This
unaccountable energy is irrefutable proof of
free energy.
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Jan1-04, 06:11 PM
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Your theory is incorrect.
The manipulation of differing dielectric constants in capacitors have long been known and are widely utilized in electronic circuitry. Dielectrics cause in increased resitance to "voltage breakdown" between potential barriers. This allows a greater potential for charge storage and other electronic issues.
However, in all cases, the "power-factor" remains the same.
That is, a particular capacitor that stores 100 volts at 1 ampere might seem more "energetic" than a dielectrically modified capacitor that stores 1 volt at 100 amps. But this is not true.
Whereas special applications demanding extremly high impulse voltages are often built using capacitors, the power factor remains the same(Power=Voltage x Current) regardless of what one does.
Jan1-04, 06:18 PM
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Altho I did read the rest of the paper the opening declaration "First you take 2 identical capacitors each consists of 2 plates 1M square,one has a dielectric 1M square sandwiched between the 2 plates the other capcitor has an air gap betweenthe 2 plates..
Identical...Man that's the best joke post I've read this year..sometimes I make up jokes like this on the fly and many don't get them.. this one was good . Thanks for the laugh and happy new year =)

Jan1-04, 11:53 PM
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Undeniable proof of free energy

The thing that gets me about the free energy crowd is how the believers can think it works even though no one is actually using it. If these lab experiments truly did work, getting from the lab to powering your house (and selling the power back to the power company) would be a relatively trivial exercise.
carl fischbach
Jan2-04, 08:06 AM
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Russ check out Xogen Power at
this is a company that splits water into oxygen
and hydrogen using resonance frequency,dielectric
effect of water,and capacitive plates,with very
little energy input.This technology is now in
commercial development.
Jan2-04, 12:09 PM
P: 22,288
Uh huh...
Xogen's novel and patented technology produces a oxy-hydrogen gas. The gas is produced by applying a proprietary, digital electronic signal to plain tap water and environmental waste streams.
Besides bad grammar or something (a oxy-hydrogen gas?), basically this thing is just an electrolysis cell. [zz)]

Not free energy.

Carl, you really need to get onboard with the fact that free energy is contrary to the laws of physics and start accepting these sites for what they are: scams. There are dozens of scams out there on free energy. Some of them making TONS of money and producing nothing but pretty looking websites.
carl fischbach
Jan2-04, 02:07 PM
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Time will tell.
Jan3-04, 01:24 AM
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Originally posted by carl fischbach
Time will tell.
And it has. People have been claiming perpetual motion for CENTURIES. So far, thermodynamics is the winner in a shutout.
carl fischbach
Jan3-04, 05:17 PM
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I've been researching free energy for years, there
are a lot of interesting stories, in books and on
the web,about people with their devices and what
happenned to them. There is something to this
free energy business,and when people get desperate
enough for energy it will be here, don't say I didn't tell you.
Jan3-04, 06:00 PM
Integral's Avatar
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I'll put my money on The Laws of Thermodynamics.

Free energy claims fall into two simple categories.

1. Out right fraud.
2. A poor understanding of the basic principles.

your capacitor idea being an example of the latter.

It is a safe bet that there is no source of free energy.
carl fischbach
Jan3-04, 11:26 PM
P: n/a
Right or wrong everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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