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Calculating the Half Life of Awareness

by MistyKe
Tags: awareness, life
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Aug28-09, 08:41 AM
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I'm an undergrad in sociology and I've always been curious in mathematical models of human behaviour, but there's serious limitations to them.

Similar to other sciences, it's difficult to categorize exactly what information from what field(s) need to be used. To me, it seems like the best approach to this memory problem would be from a neuroscience perspective. Neuroscience is kind of an esoteric field to be quoting in your paper though. Not to mention such approximations would be completely nature, without any respect to nurture.

I'm sorry I can't help more, but such an endeavour would be tantamount to deriving an equation for all of human behaviour. An equation where you can input various variables, and have an output for the behaviour of what a person will do next. Specific theories, like game theory do a pretty good job at modelling the behaviour of what people should do in a conflict scenario, but it morphs into what people should do, rather than what they actually end up doing.

I'm sorry for not being much of help, so I'm going to give you a related concept that you can research. It's called narcotizing dysfunction, and it's relatively new research (maybe a decade old) into why people stop caring about things once they're given more information about the situation.

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