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Advice for phone interview

by fizziks
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Oct25-09, 12:19 AM
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I have a phone interview next week with an academic (not corporate) employer. The position is for a applications programmer in the university's school of medicine.

They're conducting a phone interview since I'm down here in Florida and they are all the way up in the Northeast. What can I expect? How is a phone interview different from a regular one, besides not meeting face-to-face?

If I get a job offer or a potential offer, how much time do I give them to leave my current job and relocate?
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Oct25-09, 01:30 AM
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Since it's for applications programming....

They'll ask you some basic questions on programming and languages. This is to make sure that you have the basic competency that would warrant a face to face interview. One piece of advice is not to use a cell phone for a phone interview.

How much time for transition is negotiable.
Oct25-09, 08:42 PM
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I would agree with twofish-quant: do not you a cell phone. You risk being cut off if you have a weak signal.

Create a comfortable and natural interview environment:
- Connect a headset to you landline phone so your hands are free and can move naturally as if you were speaking with someone face-to-face.
- Have a copy of your resume, answers (in note form) to common interview questions, and a list of questions to ask.
- Sit across from your PC and use a face photo as your PC background and talk to your PC when answering question, as if the interviewer were sitting across from you.
- Find a private and quiet place to sit while in the interview.
- Communicate with your roommates the need for silence and no interruptions; put a sign on the door to keep people from walking in.

You want to give your current employer at least a two week notice. You may want to give your self 1-2 weeks in order to relocate. Ask the interviewer if they provide relocation assistance. In the event that assistance is provided, you could leave after your last day at your current job and stay at a hotel while you search for a place to live.

Oct26-09, 09:55 AM
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Advice for phone interview

Also, prepare as if it were face to face. Have answers ready for "discuss your three greatest weaknesses" and all that good stuff. There are lots of interview prep / sample question resources online. Depending on how much corporate or hiring experience your interviewer has it may be more or less standard.
Oct26-09, 10:22 AM
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One other thing is to save your receipts and get a basic book on income taxes. There are major tax deductions for relocation.
Oct26-09, 12:10 PM
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Smile a natural smile. Try to enjoy yourself. It can make a huge difference (and being overly serious can sound very negative).
Nov4-09, 12:28 PM
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make sure you wear a suit and collar and tie.
Nov4-09, 01:08 PM
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Quote Quote by Freddy_Turnip View Post
make sure you wear a suit and collar and tie.
Ha, I don't even do that for face-to-face interviews!

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