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by Andre
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Jan3-10, 05:43 PM
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PF PHOTO CONTEST Ten (Jan 3 - Jan 10)

A new decade, it's all about ten (and new). Please post the best picture with as theme Ten. Use your imagination.

Contest Rules:

1. Any digital photo or digitally-scanned photo relevant to the theme will be accepted within the contest period. In case there's a gray area, or you're not sure if the picture is suitable, check with me first.

2. Please resize your digital photo to no more than 650 x 490 or 490 x 650 pixels. You may also crop your picture if you wish. You are also allowed to adjust the brightness and contrast of your picture but these should not dramatically alter the look of the picture. But other than those, any form of picture editing or modification is not allowed. This is a photo contest, not a picture editing/special effect contest. You may add a watermark or your name/nickname to the photo for identification purposes.

3. Upload your photos to any of the photo servers such as imageshack or photobucket. Then post it the relevant contest thread and link your picture using the img command. PM me if you do not know how.

4. Only ONE picture per member per contest. Once a picture is posted, it cannot be changed other than a total withdrawl by that member from that week's photo contest. Exceptions will be made for modification to comply with the rules, such as resizing.

5. At the end of the contest period, I will open a poll and every PF member can vote for the picture they like best.

6. Note that in case we have a large number of entries, I will do the polling in more than one thread. If that's the case, you can vote in each of the polling threads. The photos will be assigned in the polling threads in the order they were submitted.

7. These pictures must be something that you took, not something taken off someone else's photo albums or taken by someone else. I have no way of checking if you did this, so we'll go by the honor system.

8. You can use a picture only once. Once it is used in a contest, it cannot be reused in another contest.

9. Please post only pictures meant for submission in this thread.[/QUOTE]
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Jan9-10, 05:06 PM
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Would this be the second contest with no entries? Well it has been a very busy week maybe without any tens anywhere.
Jan9-10, 07:07 PM
PF Gold
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Arizona Sonoran Pronghorn. This was a lucky find. My son and I spotted them several weeks ago off in the distance along a state highway about 110 miles from the refuge where they are recovering from a near extinction in 02.


Jan10-10, 06:56 AM
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Jan10-10, 08:17 AM
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My favorite coffee cup (with 10 internal triangles).

Jan10-10, 08:25 AM
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I count 13.
Jan10-10, 08:53 AM
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Quote Quote by Borek View Post
I count 13.
Jan10-10, 09:14 AM
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Hey, i know this is a bit tenuous but this is a photo of my cat taken on her 10th birthday (last week) with my new 10 megapixel camera =P if you want to disqualify me I understand, but still a neat picture

Jan17-10, 04:14 PM
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Quote Quote by Chewy0087 View Post
Hey, i know this is a bit tenuous but this is a photo of my cat taken on her 10th birthday (last week) with my new 10 megapixel camera =P if you want to disqualify me I understand, but still a neat picture
Well I count ten toes on the front paws
Jan17-10, 05:06 PM
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The new contest has been posted I will wrap this up tomorrow for voting.

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