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Quantum gravity and quantum cosmology books

by marcus
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Oct4-10, 02:44 PM
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Bojowald has one for wide audience coming out in November 2010. It explains the LQC (loop quantum cosmology) version about how the big bang occurred. A German edition of the book came out over a year ago, and sold well. This is the English edition.

Bojowald also has a QG-oriented textbook scheduled to appear December 2010 in the UK and January 2011 in the Usa.
Christine spotted this and started a discussion about it:

The book is called "Canonical Gravity and Applications". Canonical means the Hamiltonian treatment of GR. The Hamiltonian treatement of classical GR is the starting point for developing LQG, and its application to cosmology LQC. It will be good to have an introductory textbook (probably suitable for advance undergrad coursework) on this approach.

The prominent relativist/cosmologist George Ellis and friends have put together a collection of QG essays called "Foundations of Space and Time" which is scheduled to appear in March or April 2011. Each of the chapters is by a different QG expert---based on talks give at a 2009 conference in Cape Town which Ellis hosted.
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