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Flow rate/ Bernoulli's equation

by creamypies
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Nov22-10, 08:10 PM
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ap physics student, on this for the first time

The flow rate of water through a garden hose is 60 cm3/s, and the hose and nozzle have cross sectional areas of 5.1 cm2 and 1.6 cm2 respectively.

(a) If the nozzle is held 11 cm above the spigot, what are the flow speeds through the spigot and the nozzle?


(b) What is the pressure difference between these points? (Consider the water to be an ideal fluid.)

I think that it is bernoulli's but I could be wrong
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Nov23-10, 06:30 AM
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hi creamypies! welcome to pf!

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I think that it is bernoulli's but I could be wrong
Yup, (a) is geometry, and (b) is Bernoulli's equation (for which you need the speeds from (a))
what do you get?

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