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Whenever a theory appears to you...(Karl Popper)

by marcus
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Jan9-11, 04:55 PM
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"All this means, of course, that we must stop the scientists from taking over education and from teaching as 'fact' and as 'the one true method' whatever the myth of day happens to be."
This seems to be a serious misrepresentation of scientists that I see repeated all the time. The exact opposite statements from scientists can be traced back to Galieleo:

"The goal of science is not to open the door to everlasting wisdom, but to set a limit on everlasting error." Galileo

And, you'll have to take my word for it, but in education, the discussion comes up more than once about fact vs. truth vs. theory vs. law from the professors and why we don't call theories laws anymore.
SW VandeCarr
Jan11-11, 04:31 AM
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Quote Quote by Maui View Post
“The giants of the intellect, whom you admire so much, once taught you that the earth was flat and that the atom was the smallest particle of matter. The entire history of science is a progression of exploded fallacies, not of achievements.”
Re Ayn Rand quote:

The "exploded fallacies" are the achievements of science. Science is (or should be) always tentative, and that's its strength. Collect facts and develop testable hypotheses to explain the facts. If a hypothesis passes the tests, it becomes the accepted theory (or model) until it breaks down in the face of new facts and the process is repeated.

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