Chevy cars won't start?

by FishmanGeertz
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Ranger Mike
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May25-11, 02:45 AM
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I have worked in numerous auto repair shops and major dealerships over the years..once again what you post is factually untrue..65 percent...where did this come from..what is your source..i came to this forum for fact based information ...need the documentation on this
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May25-11, 05:48 AM
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If you have a good knowledge of auto mechanics, and you have the proper tools, try to perform the repairs yourself.
Yes I learnt that lesson from my first car problem. I took it to a mechanic to replace the engine mounts. He broke the selector linkage rod. Then he brazed up the broken part so it was no longer adjustable and charged me for his time spent poorly fixing his own mistake!

Since then I just did everything possible myself. But that only works for cash-poor, time-rich people. If you can't afford to be gouged by a mechanic then you probably don't have a full-time job, so might as well do it yourself - more fun that way too!

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